Antek Jancelewicz is a London-based digital creator, art director, 3D artist, game artist, photographer and film-maker with an MA in Digital Direction acquired at the Royal College of Art in London and a BSc in Architecture obtained in Poland and in France. He strives to leverage new technologies in order to bring interesting ideas to life and to communicate them.


3D visualisation: still images and animations of architecture (exteriors, interiors, diagrams), scenography, landscape, product, automotive, fashion and more.

Interactive art, immersive experiences, apps and games: creation of interactive installations, AR, VR and mixed-reality experiences, applications, games and more.

Photography: subjects include architecture (exteriors, interiors), products, services, people, events, travel, fashion, automotive and more.

Film: production of promotional videos – services include directing, shooting, editing, colour-grading, CGI, composing dedicated music and more. Subjects include architecture, products, services, people, events, travel, automotive and more.