Selection of my film-related works

2021 Film Reel

Professional and Personal work

Clients include UNICEF, La Chose and more…

My Role & Tools Used

Art Direction

Video Production, Editing, DoP (Sony A7RII with Zeiss lenses, Premiere Pro)

Motion Design (After Effects, Illustrator)

Sound Design & Music Production (Ableton, Audition)


2016 – Present

Film-making is my lifelong passion. 

Professionally, I have been practicing film-making for over 4 years. I have been hired to create promotional/presentation/advertising videos as a producer, director, DoP, editor, colorist, motion-designer, sound-designer and compositor.

UNICEF – Who Innovates Matters

I was hired by UNICEF as a motion designer, editor, compositor and sound designer to create an 11-minute presentation video for the 2020 Infoshare conference hosted entirely online.

The goal was to boost engagement by turning a plain low-quality video recording into a captivating “virtual studio“-kind of show. 

The video was praised as holding the most production value on the Infoshare platform among all speakers.

Global Teacher Prize video submission

Another recent film work is a promotional video for Przemek Staron – Global Teacher Prize 2020 Top 50 finalist.