Designed by Nature

Augmented Reality app



Wild Rumpus

My Role

Research & Design

Game Design, Prototyping & Development (Unity 3D, C#)

3D Design (3ds Max)

Testing & Deployment


Jack Hardiker




Together with Jack, we were commissioned to make a mobile Augmented Reality app for the 6-months-long  Chester, Designed by Nature festival that celebrates natural architecture and biomimicry.

The app was made for two main purposes: to host our AR experience and to guide the visitors through the rest of the artworks and installations located in the city of Chester in the UK.

Our AR artwork, Redesigned by Nature, is an immersive experience where the users can watch plants and animals take back the city’s two main landmarks, transforming them into a natural idyl.

My contribution

While Jack managed the project and led art direction and UI design, I was responsible for:

  • finding the suitable technical tools and frameworks,
  • designing and prototyping the mechanics and interactions within the app,
  • 3D design,
  • 3D-scanning of the landmarks in person in Chester to create digital twins through the photogrammetry technique,
  • C# development,
  • building and integration of custom backend prepared for the client to publish news and listings,
  • testing,
  • publishing on App Store and Google Play.

The app was built using Unity with AR Foundation and Immersal SDK for spatial localisation and Firebase as the backend solution. 3ds Max was used for modelling, texturing and optimising of 3D assets.

If you happen to visit Chester, don’t hesitate to download our app (Apple/Android) and head over to the Eastgate Clock and the Town Hall!