Augmented and Mixed Reality sports apps


My Role

Game Design, Prototyping & Development (Unity 3D, C#)

3D Design (3ds Max, Blender)

VFX (Visual Graph, Shader Graph)


Team team




I have been commissioned by to join the team in order to improve the visual quality and usability of their products aimed at spectating sports in Augmented and Mixed Reality.

These include apps allowing the user to watch NHL and FIFA World Cup 2022 games broadcasted in 3D as well as to follow the Tour de France 2022 race. All in the user’s physical space and in real-time, consumable both on smartphones and Mixed Reality glasses such as Nreal Light.

I have worked on the 3D contents of the apps and produced interactive particle effects, custom procedural shaders, PBR materials, high-quality 3D assets as well as programmed improved interactions and animations of the 3D user interface.

Examples of my contribution

Colorful trail whose color is determined by the speed of the puck viewed directly through Nreal glasses:

Animated markers below and the captions above the players seen through smartphone during an NHL game between New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers:

3D particle-based heatmap tested in Quatar during preparations for the World Cup 2022:

3D assets containing miniatures of a football pitch, a basketball court and a hockey rink destined for the home version of the AR and MR app:

Custom shaders and lighting effects for 3D players positioned in user’s space:

Custom shaders for volumetrically-captured speaker created for the Tour de France MR app: